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Municipal Development Plan Project

​​​​​​The Summer Village of Silver Sands is currently part of a 3-component project along with 7 other municipalities.  One component is to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will be a mandatory requirement for all municipalities under the Modernized Municipal Government Act.  The Municipal Development Plan is a primary document that guides the future development and growth of the whole community.  The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, administration and all stakeholders.  As a statutory plan required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, the MDP provides direction for Council, administration, developers and builders, property-owners, residents and adjacent municipalities.   

An MDP will address several items, including:

-future land use
-future development
-municipal services 

Part of the process of creating and eventually adopting an MDP includes

Public Consultation and Input.  ​Please see links below to engage in this

Public Consultation Process:

Project website:
Facebook page:

Current Municipal Development Plan for the Summer Village of Silver Sands (2014) - Municipal Development Plan

Council Meeting Attendance Survey (This survey is now closed)

The information gathered from this survey is intended to assist Council and Administration in determining the best time to hold Council meetings.   Other factors that Council and Administration will need to consider is efficiency and effectiveness of daytime meetings vs evening meetings, staff and other professional availability and how this may effect current expenses of the Summer Village.    The results of this survey will not be the sole determining factor when it comes to setting the day and time of Council meetings.​


Fencing Vacant Lots (Survey closed on August 31, 2017)

The purpose of this survey is to collect resident input on whether or not the Summer Village should allow fencing on vacant lots. Currently, fences are regulated under the municipality's Land Use Bylaw. Typically fences are permitted only on improved lots as an accessory development, much the same as a detached garage is only a permitted use as an accessory to a principal dwelling. Under the current Land Use Bylaw, fences are permitted on improved residential lots at the following height regulations: 3 feet high in front yards, 6 feet high in rear/side yards. In some cases, such as lots with front and rear abutment to roads, special approvals are required before any fence is permitted. Similarly, variances would be required to exceed the previously mentioned height regulations or to allow for fences on non-improved districts.


Construction of Garages in Front Yards (Survey closed on August 31, 2017)​
The purpose of this survey is to get feedback from residents on whether or not the municipality should allow garages to be constructed in the front yard of residential lots. Garages are a class of accessory structure. Typically, as in the Summer Village of Silver Sands current Land Use Bylaw, accessory structures must be built behind "no closer to the front yard than the closest portion of the principle dwelling". There are also restrictions on the total footprint of accessory structures on a lot (1,200 sq.ft total for all accessory buildings) and the maximum allowable height of an accessory structure (the lesser of 29.8 feet or the height of the principal building) which both impact the permitted size of garages in the Summer Village of Silver Sands. As with other accessory uses/developments, garages are only permitted where a principal dwelling is sited.


Aquatic Invasive Species - Doodle Poll
 Aquatic Invasive Species will be doing their canoe/kayak survey on Thursday, July 6th and will start planning the larger survey, of the entire lake, for later this month.
If there is anyone that would be available to volunteer their boat please see doodle poll below.


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