The Summer Village of Silver Sands was incorporated on January 1st, 1969 and spans a land area of 2.35 square kilometers. The Summer Village is located on the shores of Lake Isle. The 2016 Population was 160.  Silver Sands has a 3-member Council whose term currently runs until 2021.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Summer Village Information

Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings are generally held at the Fallis Hall located on Highway 16 & Range Road 52 (unless another location is scheduled).

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, if members of the general public are interested in participating in future Council meetings, please call the office at 587-873-5765 so we can work on alternate arrangements.

Where public attendance is allowed, attendance is subject to the following COVID19 restrictions including but not limited to: that public must bring hand sanitizer, that masks be worn, that no public washrooms be available, that public must bring their own drink, that public must not attend if experiencing any sick symptoms, that public must pre-register to attend with Administration as there is limited space available for in-person attendance.

Regular Council meeting and Public Hearing for Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 307-2020 have been scheduled for Friday, September 25, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (Regular Council Meeting) and 10:00 a.m. (Public Hearing) at the Onoway Heritage Centre, Gymnasium Room, 4708 Lac Ste. Anne Trail North, Onoway, AB, Canada, T0E 1V0

Municipal Development Plan Project

The Summer Village of Silver Sands is currently part of a 3-component project along with 7 other municipalities.  One component is to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will be a mandatory requirement for all municipalities under the Modernized Municipal Government Act.  The Municipal Development Plan is a primary document that guides the future development and growth of the whole community.  The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, administration and all stakeholders.  As a statutory plan required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, the MDP provides direction for Council, administration, developers and builders, property-owners, residents and adjacent municipalities.   

An MDP will address several items, including:

-future land use
-future development
-municipal services 

Public Hearing Information

​​Fire Ban Information

Note that even when a Total Fire Ban is NOT in place, 'Open' fires are NOT allowed.  Only fires within fire pits are permissible.

Please continue to ensure you take care and caution when having a fire and be sure your fire is completely out when unattended.

The Summer Village will post 'Fire Ban in Effect' signs when there is a full fire ban in effect.  This means no open fires and no fireworks.  The Summer Village will be under a total fire ban when there is a Provincial Fire Ban in place.

For all other Provincial Fire Ban Information please visit the following website:

Love Your Lake Website

This website has tips on how to maintain a shoreline buffer, how to prevent erosion, know which docks are the most environmentally friendly or something else that’s impacting your shoreline and lake. More details here...

Stop Aquatic Hitchhiker From Entering Alberta

If you are bringing a boat and equipment into Alberta from another province or state, make sure to: Clean, Drain, Dry

If you are using your boat in a number of different waterbodies, be sure to clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment after you leave each waterbody. This is especially important if you boat outside of the province.

For more information or to report something suspicious on your boat or equipment:

Call Toll Free: 1 855 336-2628 (BOAT) Link to Aquatic Invasive Species Website 
(click here)

​​​​​​​​​​News & Updates


Public Notice - Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom advisory issued for Lake Isle
Link to Alberta Health Services Advisory Notice - August 7, 2020

Dock Permits - Provincial Requirements
There are new requirements in place for placing a dock in the lake!  The User Guide for Dock Permits outlines the requirements and process for an individual to obtain an authorization to place a temporary, seasonal dock or mooring structure for personal recreational use in Alberta's water bodies.

Documents you will require to obtain a dock permit:
User Guide for Dock Permits - Government of Alberta (April 2020)
Dock TFA Application
Crown Land Client ID Application

Dock Authorization Contact List

Note:  If you as the applicant are NOT the owner of the waterfront land parcel, the department will then require the applicant to obtain the written consent of the waterfront landowner or holder before the application will be considered for approval.   You will need to attach this consent to your application.   If the land is one of the Summer Village's reserve areas, please email the administration office to request a letter of consent and provide your contact information and where you are requesting to place the dock.

Completed applications are to be emailed to:
Alberta Environment & Parks Upper Athabasca Central Region

Rural Crime Watch

Recently, the quick response of a resident in the Summer Village who reported suspicious activity to the RCMP led to the apprehension of the responsible individuals.   A reminder to all residents that we are the eyes and ears of our communities.   If you see suspicious activity, report it immediately to the RCMP  or visit the website below and download the Alberta Rural Crime Watch app and report any crime or suspicious activity as it happens.

Alberta Rural Crime Watch Website

Emergency - Police/Fire/Ambulance: 9-1-1

RCMP - Non-Emergency Line
Evansburg Detachment: 780-727-4446


$500 Reward

The Summer Village recently purchased a speed indicator sign that was erected on Twp 540.  The sign was purchased in order to keep pedestrian traffic safe and to serve as a reminder to those who speed along that roadway.  Approximately five days after the sign was erected, the post that the sign was mounted to was cut down and the unit smashed on the ground and is now inoperable.  This is vandalism and it is a criminal offence.

The Summer Village is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the individual or individuals who vandalized this sign.   If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Evansburg RCMP at 780-727-4446.

​9-1-1 Important Information for Summer Village Residents





Blue-Bag Recycling in the Summer Village

Learn more here


Attention Residents - Cougar Sighting

Cougars have been spotted in the Summer Village.  If you see a cougar in your neighbourhood, call your nearest Fish and Wildlife office.

A Fish and Wildlife officer can provide advice on preventing cougar encounters and responding when cougar encounters are unavoidable.

Fish & Wildlife Office Contacts

For more information on preventing conflict with cougars, see link below.


A few important reminders:

How can I prevent cougars from visiting my property?

-Never feed any kind of wildlife. Feeding or leaving fallen bird seed or salt licks that attract wildlife such as deer to your property will, in turn, attract cougars and other predators. Urban deer that get food from unnatural sources such as your yard tend to become slower and more docile, making them easier prey for cougars. Cougars may be more likely to enter human-use areas if the deer there are easier to catch.

-Avoid attracting small animals to your yard. Keep your garbage in a container with a tightly fitting lid.

-Keep the perimeter around your house clear of thick or tall vegetation. This will help ensure that cougars, other predators and prey species will not see your home as a safe place to stop to rest or search for food.

-Close off open spaces under decks or patios with durable wire mesh. This will prevent cougars, and other wildlife, from using that space for shelter.

-Install motion-activated security lights. These may help frighten away curious cougars.

-Encourage your family and neighbours to take the same preventative measures on their property. If a cougar returns to your neighbourhood, it is because it has learned that food or shelter can be easily attained there.



Accepting FCSS Grant Applications

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is:
“FCSS is a unique 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta and participating municipalities or Metis settlements. Provincially, the FCSS Program receives its mandate from the FCSS Act and Regulation. The Act describes what the Province and municipality/Metis Settlement can do to provide preventive social services. The Regulation describes how services may be provided … Under FCSS, communities design and deliver social programs that are preventive in nature to promote and enhance well-being among individuals, families and communities …”

More details here...


​​News Release - Municipalities Preserve Local Clinic

A collaborative effort between Lac Ste. Anne County and five municipal partners has enabled the Onoway Medical Clinic in Onoway to continue operations as Onoway Regional Medical Clinic. Over the past year, the County has worked closely with The Town of Onoway, and with the Summer Villages of Ross Haven, West Cove, Val Quentin and Silver Sands to ensure this medical facility would continue to be able to provide quality health care services to families in and around the Onoway region.  read more

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Re: Public Health and COVID-19

Effective March 17, 2020, the Summer Village Main Office located in Onoway will be closed to the general public until further notice.   
We can be contacted via email and telephone at this time.
​phone:  587-873-5765

For more Summer Village Information - Visit our COVID-19 page.

For Updates on Upcoming Events (family day picnic, large bin clean up) - Visit our Community Events Page.

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