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"A collection of old brochures advertising for the Silver Sands Family Resort"

Submitted by Graeme Horne

"1992 - A Historical sketch of Silver Sands Village by Lew Hughes"

Submitted by Cathy Rogers (daughter of Lew Hughes)

We are excited to be able to showcase the history of the Summer Village of Silver Sands through the Summer Village's website.   

Our intent on this History/Memories page is to offer public enjoyment of some of the history and memorabilia of our Summer Village since its incorporation in 1969.

On behalf of our Summer Village, Council and Administration welcome submissions of historical or memorial content.
Submissions need to be topical to the evolution of Silver Sands, excluding the surrounding areas.
 For those who wish to reference surrounding area history, references to where that information may be found, can be included in the submission.

Prospective postings of submissions need to be signed by submitting parties. 
Of course, submissions will be reviewed for permission from subjects of pictures or personal details, as well as for general compliance with Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

Publishing on this website publication does not imply accuracy or verification of submitted materials.  Memories are valuable and treasured, while also personal in the remembering. 

Do you have pictures, excerpts from books or stories to share? 

Email your information to the Summer Village and it may be posted on our History page!


(note: all submissions are subject to review, content will be posted at the discretion of the Summer Village)

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