Fire Services

Please be advised that effective January 1st, 2016, the Summer Village of Silver Sands will be receiving its Fire Services from North West Fire Rescue instead of from Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services.  

North West Fire Rescue is an Onoway-based industrial fire service which will now be expanding into municipal fire services.

The Summer Village welcomes Dave Ives and his professional team to our municipal services operation.  

There will be no change or disruption in how you obtain a fire services response - you will still dial 9-1-1.

The Summer Village thanks Lac Ste. Anne County and the volunteer members of the County Fire Services for the years of service.

Unfortunately fires can happen - Be sure you are Covered!
Did you know that the average cost of fire suppression by any fire department can be approximately five to fifteen thousand dollars for a structure fire and is payable by the property owner to the fire suppression provider?  Did you know that if a fire department responds to any other sort of fire (grass, lawnmower, burn barrel etc.), that there will also be a cost?

Will your insurance cover these costs?  Be sure you take a look at your home insurance policy or talk to your insurance agent.  Some insurance companies do not insure for fire equipment in the case of a fire, and some include up to two thousand dollars with an option for you to increase that coverage for a very reasonable additional cost.  What does your policy say?

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