Summer Village of Silver Sands

Box 8

Alberta Beach AB

T0E 0A0 

Office Location:

4808-51 Street

Onoway AB

P:587-873-5765 F:780-967-0431

New Resident Information 

Natural Gas Supplier - Ste. Anne Natural Gas - 780-967-2246

Pumpout Providers - Chico's Vacuum Service - 780-924-2435
                              Super Sucker Vacuum Service- 780-967-5552
                              Tri-Lakes Septic - 780-727-3939

Fortis Alberta - 310-9473 (wire)

Nearest Firehall - Darwell - Approximately 11km distance​

Residents in Need of Transportation to Appointments
If you are a resident of the Summer Village and would like to volunteer to drive or require transportation to appointments, please contact Barbara Enders at 780-797-2440.   Barbara will be coordinating names and numbers of volunteer drivers and matching them with those residents in need of transportation.

Are You Interested in Volunteering or Know Someone Who Is?
The Summer Village is looking for Community-minded Volunteers for the following:
1)  Emergency Response Team
2)  Fire Smart Committee
3)  Wildfire Mitigation Committee