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Summer Village of Silver Sands

Mailing Address:

Box 8, Alberta Beach, Alberta  T0E 0A0

New Office/Courier Location:
2317 Township Road 545, Division No. 13

Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta  T0E 1V0

​​p: 587-873-5765    f: 780-967-0431

e: administration@wildwillowenterprises.com

w:  www.summervillageofsilversands.com

Admin Email

​​​​General Administration Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Summer Village of Silver Sands
Box 8
Alberta Beach, Alberta  T0E 0A0 

Office/Courier Location:

2317 Township Road 545, Division No. 13

Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta  T0E 1V0

Phone:  587-873-5765

Fax:  780-967-0431

Email:  administration@wildwillowenterprises.com

Website:  www.summervillageofsilversands.com

Public Works

Shop location:  1 Centennial Way, Silver Sands

Shop phone:  780-797-2207

Email:  sspublicworks@wildwillowenterprises.com

Emergency Services Contact Information
Community Peace Officer/Animal Control/Bylaw Enforcement -  Peace Officer, Gervais Kasamba
Complaint Line - 780-786-2416 (ext. 232)
Complaint Email (Note New Email Address) -

Complaint Forms - Barking Dog Complaint Form

NEW - On-line Reporting System - Create Report

Emergency - Police/Fire/Ambulance

RCMP - Non-Emergency Line

Evansburg Detachment: 780-727-4446

Alberta Environment Hotline

Assessor Contact Information
Tanmar Consulting

Phone:  780-417-5191

Development / Safety Codes Contact Information
Development Officer, Tony Sonnleitner

Phone:  780-718-5479

Fax:  1-866-363-3342

Email:  pcm1@telusplanet.net
Mailing Address:  Box 2945, Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1Y4

Safety Codes Building/Gas/Electrical/Plumbing/Private Sewage Permits 

A reminder that in addition to a Development permit, any development or construction in the Summer Village also requires Safety Codes permits.  This includes building, electrical, plumbing, private sewage and gas.

Please contact:
The Inspections Group Inc.
Address:  12010-111 Avenue
                Edmonton, Alberta
                T5G 0E6
Contact for the Summer Village of Silver Sands is:  Tarla Degroot
Phone: 780-732-4645
Fax: 780-454-5222
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-454-5222

Safety Codes Information:
Energy Code Information Package
Permits & Compliance Reference Guide

​Safety Codes Permit Applications

The Inspections Group Inc. Safety Codes Officers:
Paul Wieschorster (Electrical SCO) 780 288 2646
Tim Wesley (Electrical SCO – back up) 780 220 3174
Reid Edwards (Gas, Plbg and Private Sewage SCO) 780 220 0332
Rick Baxter (Gas, Plbg and Private Sewage SCO – back up) 780 222 2180
Steve Henderson (Building SCO) 780 222 1623
Mario Poser (Building SCO – back up)

Alberta First Call - Call Before you Dig
Phone:  1-800-242-3447

Website:  www.albertaonecall.com

Development-related documents are available here.

Waste Services Contact Information
Waste Provider - Standstone Waste & Water
Phone:  780-967-2118
Repair or replacement of waste container:  780-967-2118

Additional Waste Carts:  780-967-2118 (must enter into private agreement with waste contract provider as the Summer Village provides only 1 cart per titled lot)

Highway 43 Regional Landfill Site

Operated by the Highway 43 East Waste Commission

Silver Sands residents are to use the Regional Landfill Site located 5km past Gunn on Hwy 43 (just past Ross Haven on Range Road 35 - Google Map Location).

The Landfill site is Open Mon – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and closed Sundays.

Contact information:  780-967-3466