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Summer Village of Silver Sands

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Box 8, Alberta Beach, Alberta  T0E 0A0

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2317 Township Road 545, Division No. 13

Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta  T0E 1V0

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e: administration@wildwillowenterprises.com

w:  www.summervillageofsilversands.com


Please be advised that a Fire Ban is in effect immediately in the
Summer Village of Silver Sands. 
No outdoor fires are permitted until further notice.
Only gas and propane appliances such as barbecues,
stoves and fire pits are currently allowed. 

Last updated:  April 12-2024

When a Fire Ban is in Effect:
The Summer Village will post 'Fire Ban in Effect' signs when there is a full fire ban in effect.

A Full Fire Ban means no fires within fire pits, no warming/cooking/pleasure fires, no open fires and and may include a ban on gas-fueled fires (ie: propane pits/tables) & BBQ's.   Watch the website for updates.

The Summer Village will also be under a Full Fire Ban when there is a Provincial Fire Ban in place.

When a Fire Ban is NOT in Effect:
Note that even when a Full Fire Ban is NOT in place, 'open' fires are NOT allowed, only small warming, cooking & pleasure fires within fire pits are permissible.

Please continue to ensure you take care and caution when having a fire and be sure your fire is completely out when unattended. Soak It. Stir It. Soak It Again. Let the fire burn down before you plan on putting it out. Spread the embers within the fire pit, then add water or loose dirt, and stir. Expose any material still burning. Add more water and stir again until you can no longer see smoke or steam.

For Provincial Fire Ban Information please visit the following website: 

Fire Bylaw 337 - Summer Village of Silver Sands

Fire Ban Declaration Policy - Summer Village of Silver Sands


Silver Sands does not have a fireworks bylaw or a fireworks permitting process, therefore, the Summer Village does not grant permission to discharge fireworks in the Summer Village.

Fire Pits
Within the corporate limits of the Summer Village of Silver Sands, fire pits must:
 Be at least 3 metres (10 feet) from buildings,
property lines and anything else that could catch
 Be less than 0.6 metres (2 feet) high
 Be less than 1 metre (3 feet) wide
 Have enclosed sides made from bricks, concrete
or heavy-gauge metal
 Have a mesh screen on top to stop sparks
(spark-arrestor) with openings smaller than 1.25
centimetres (1/2 inch)