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Summer Village of Silver Sands

​​Mailing Address:

Box 8, Alberta Beach, Alberta  T0E 0A0

New Office/Courier Location:
2317 Township Road 545

Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta  T0E 1V0

​​p: 587-873-5765    f: 780-967-0431

e: administration@wildwillowenterprises.com

w:  www.summervillageofsilversands.com

Municipal Reserve Areas - Important Information
The municipal reserve areas throughout the Summer Village are intended to provide active or passive park and recreation areas and are intended to provide walking trails and enjoyment of the natural plant and wildlife for residents and their guests. 

The reserve areas are not to be “annexed” into properties adjacent to them, to be cleared unless Council determines that areas need to be cleared of dangerous undergrowth or decay, to be used for the purpose of placing buildings or structures or extra storage of material or disposal of refuse, are not for camping or recreational fires of any kind and are not to be used for the storage of boat lifts or pier sections unless written permission is granted by the Summer Village.

The Summer Village will be erecting boundary signage throughout the municipal reserve areas and tagging and removing any items that are encroaching onto these areas.  Please move or remove any items you may have on the Summer Village municipal reserve areas to your own property.  Everyone’s cooperation in this matter is essential to the preservation of these precious lands.

Bylaw 282 - Use of Public Lands

Policy A-ADM-MR-1  Municipal Reserve Use for Storage of Boat Lifts & Pier Sections

Please note that if you are wishing to store your boat lift/pier sections on a municipal reserve within the Summer Village of Silver Sands over the winter months (September 1 to May 31), you will need to send a written request to the Summer Village (can be emailed to:   administration@wildwillowenterprises.com) detailing the item(s) to be stored, the municipal reserve and the location on the municipal reserve you are requesting your item(s) be stored.  Your request will then be considered by the Summer Village and you will be advised accordingly.

Map of Summer Village